For Those I Love I will Sacrifice....

For those I Love, I will Sacrifice.... Captured in a photo on the side of a wounded Warrior, as he is being Medevaced.

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” - Capt. Nathan Hale, American Revolution

Almost 250 years after the American Revolution, Capt. Nathan Hale’s name remains synonymous with selfless service and patriotism. He is said to have uttered this famous farewell before the British hung him in 1776. His calm bravery in the face of death is the epitome of the Honor and self-sacrifice that embodies the very essence of today’s warriors.

More than 50,000 warriors have been wounded and over 6000 killed in action since 9/11. Countless numbers of Wounded Warriors and families of the fallen have been directly impacted or Scarred both physically, emotionally, and mentally by the effects of past wars. The sacrifice that built this nation should never be forgotten and those who have endured that sacrifice should be eternally recognized. These Heroes should be provided every opportunity to accomplish their American Dream; for they sacrificed so that other Americans could live theirs.

There is a lack of public recognition of the tremendous life changing impact that is incurred by an individual who has been wounded in combat. After suffering this catastrophic event individuals are left struggling to put back the pieces of their lives. They are physically scarred and subconscious about their wounded and often disfigured state, leading them often to avoid going out in public. They try to avoid the scrutiny that is directed towards those forced to wear excessive medical devices, carry massive scars, or showing the loss of one or multiple limbs. All of this is compounded by their inability to wear any kind of regular clothing. Many times Americans immediately think that an individual has been injured in an automobile accident or some other grievous incident and fail to recognize that this is what the Cost of Freedom looks like; a sacrifice they made for all Americans.

The physical wounds often times, while staggering for most to witness, pale in comparison to the long-term mental trauma. These scars are a monumental toll on families which can carry on for decades. This is where Wounded Wear's secondary mission is so important; to raise the awareness across the nation of the tremendous impact that bearing our nations freedoms has had on those who have been scarred so that all other Americans may live free. Many Americans feel that the mission of Wounded Wear is a short term mission and when the conflicts end, so will our mission. The reality is that our mission is long term. The combat engagements will end at some point; our service members and veterans will carry the wounds, the scars, and the mental trauma for the rest of their lives. As the combat ends and the daily reminders through the media diminish, so will the public recognition of the sacrifices that have been made by our wounded and fallen. Therefore it is imperative, through widespread public support, that we plan for the long term distribution of clothing and awareness that will keep America strong and Forever Recognize the Cost of Freedom.

George Washington once said that "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."

Wounded Wear is committed to this mission; to plant the seeds of rediscovery through our clothing for Wounded Warriors and families of the fallen. To raise national awareness of the sacrifice that built our great nation and to help facilitate opportunities for our wounded and fallen families to get back out into society and recognize their sacrifice was worth it.

What have you done for your Country, lately?